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Nordland Hospital Trust

Information to patients and visitors

If you are sick and need medical assistance, please contact your doctor/GP (fastlege), or the emergency room (legevakt), phone number 116 117 . The medical emergency line (113 ) is reserved for life threatening situations.

Nordland Hospital Trust is a part of Helse Nord. We have hospitals in Salten, Lofoten and Vesterålen. 

The Norwegian website has important information about issues like GPs, health services and rights, your right to an interpreter, and other things that you should know about when living in Norway. 

Nordland Hospital offers comprehensive services within somatics, mental health care and substance abuse. The largest hospital is located Bodø, which offers somatic and psychiatric help. The health trust also has local hospitals in Gravdal (Lofoten) and Stokmarknes (Vesterålen), as well as several district psychiatric centers and ambulance stations in Salten, Lofoten and Vesterålen. 

The main administrative office is now found at the somatic hospital in Bodø

Somatic hospital

​Nordlandssykehuset Bodø
8006 Bodø

Nordlandssykehuset Vesterålen
8450 Stokmarknes

Nordlandssykehuset Lofoten
8372 Gravdal

Psychiatric hospital

Nordlandssykehuset Bodø, Rønvik
8076 Bodø


Phone number +47 75 53 40 00

Postal ad​dress

Nordlandssykehuset HF
Postboks 1480
8092 Bodø​

E-mail: (never send personal information by e-mail)

The Nordland Hospital Trust is Northern Norway's second largest health trust offering traditional general hospital services. The health trust has over 4000 employees and serves a population of about 136 000 people in 20 municipalities from the regions of Salten, Lofoten and Vesterålen. The health trust also offers several county-wide services for the whole of Nordland and regional functions for all of Northern Norway.​ Nordland Hospital is organized as various clinics, with consistent management across all locations.

Our vision is to be a leader in quality

​Nordland Hospital has taken a leading role in developing and adopting innovative technological solutions for patient care, internally at the hospitals and in the homes of many patients. Examples include technological solutions for home dialysis where the patient can monitor and report vital parameters and communicate their health information digitally to the hospital using a cell phone app. Nordland Hospital also uses electronic registration of vital patient data (news scores) via Medanet's cell phone app. Data is stored directly in the patient's journal.

The health trust is also a major educational and research institution. In collaboration with the University of Tromsø, Nordland Hospital offers complete study programmes for fifth and sixth-year medical students. Research activity is large and growing within somatics, mental health care and substance abuse.
Over the past 15 years, Nordland Hospital has invested approximately NOK 5.5 billion in new hospital buildings. A new local hospital at Stokmarknes opened in 2014, and the modernised and expanded somatic hospital in Bodø was completed in 2021.

Nordland Hospital Trust has a budget of close to 5 billion kroner. Employees: 3454 man-years divided into 4807 employees. 


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